I am second

I am second is a website that tells the stories of famous people who give credit to God for their success. It’s really neat to see people like Colt McCoy, Jason Witten, and Tony Dungy talk about how God is first, and they are second. Click on Jason’ picture above to see his video.

It’s hard to be happy in this world without God. Many can be successful without Him, but even with all the success in the world, people without Christ in their life will always be trying to fill a void in their heart. With a void, people will always be looking for more happiness, success, money, and fame to make their life complete. The trouble is, without God, there will never be a complete life and that hole will always linger, gnaw, and grind away like a rock in one’s shoe.

Personally, I don’t know how anyone can get through the troubles this life brings without God in their lives. When life really gets tough is when people usually wonder whether there really is a God and why He’d let their life get so low. Ultimately, He wants us to worship Him, through the good and the bad, and until Heaven, we can’t know what God spared us from, even when our life is at it’s lowest point.

In a culture that worships the almighty “ME” out of selfishness, it is nice to see people say that they are second, not first. They acknowledge that their success comes from God, and that the accolades from men last but only a moment. How about you — are you first . . . or second?


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