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RizeUp.us is a website I heard about while listening to Glenn Beck’s radio show.  I think they are doing the right thing to help wake people up in this country to spur on revival.  The are giving away a free book to anyone who asks for it (by clicking above) to help restore the men in our country.  They will in turn, restore their family, and the family will in turn, restore America.  What a wonderful premise and generous way to help move this country back to where it was founded.  Below is an excerpt from their website to explain more.

Will you commit to praying for our nation and maybe even donating some books for their cause so others will have a chance to have a great book for free?


America is in a crisis situation; prayer is truly America’s last option. The mission of RizeUp.us is to unite Godly men in America to become warriors that will commit to changing themselves, their family and ultimately this nation through prayer. God has put a simple vision in our hearts:

If you heal the man…He will heal his family… The family will heal the Nation!

In order to bring this country back to “One Nation Under God.” Rizeup.us has developed a three-step battle plan.

Father – Son – Holy Spirit

Bring men back to the Father… Have them spread the message of Jesus Christ by sharing this program with three unsaved friends…and there will be an unprecedented movement of the Holy Spirit throughout the nation.

1 – Heal the Man (The Father) Bring men back to a DAILY prayer relationship with God. “The First Hour for Men” is the catalyst to launch this prayer revival.

We are committed to distribute One Million FREE copies of “The First Hour’ to men throughout the U.S. in 2010.

We encourage these men to make three commitments.

First – Commit to completing the 30-day “The First Hour” study guide. ‘The First Hour,’ God’s 30-day boot camp is a comprehensive prayer book and study guide designed to restore a man’s relationship with God. The first hour is rapidly becoming a movement in several areas of the nation. Testimonies by the thousands are coming in, miracle after miracles are happening in the lives of men who are committing to and completing this 30-day course.

Second – Commit to logging onto RizeUp.us every Monday morning at 5:55am along with the other members to pray for the Nation.

Third – Commit to share this program with five other men.

2 – Outreach (The Son) spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Each man will commit to give away five books to men not on the program, two books to fellow believers to keep the momentum going, and three books to friends that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This will create a network marketing effect and will spread rapidly throughout the nation.

3 – Heal the Nation (The Holy Spirit)

With a millions of men praying every morning individually and once a week together as a prayer army for America, we will be able to fundamentally start changing this Nation back into the God-fearing, traditional value system our founding fathers designed.

Revival is coming to America, it is time for us American men to Rize Up and commit to a daily relationship with God and strive for obedience.

The condition of our Nation is a direct result of disobeying, ignoring, and removing God’s laws, “The Ten Commandments” from our lives and from the public square.

This is not a difficult plan to achieve; it’s as simple as getting American men to Rize-Up and put God back into America. It’s time for the Silent Majority to Rize-Up and become the Vocal Majority. This isn’t our nation; this is God’s nation, “ONE NATION UNDER HIM.” It’s time to Rize-Up and restore the Godly principals and laws that He has originally established and set forth for this once great nation.

It is no accident you are reading this right now, you have not been recruited, you have been drafted by God to join the thousands of men that have committed to and have been changed through “The First Hour” study guide. In 2010 we can achieve our goal that God has put before us, to have millions of American men praying on a daily basis and gathering once a week to pray for God to heal this broken nation.

Changing men… Changes Families…

Changing Families will Change America!


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