The Blog is Back

After a pause that lasted far too long, the blog is back! I don’t know exactly what precipitated my lapse. It could have been laziness or being too busy with other things, but for whatever reason, I’ve let the blog take a back seat to other priorities. Sorry about that! Ultimately, I want to write this online journal, this web log, our blog, for ourselves to be able to look back and remember the stories of our lives. Even though most of this is all about us, we are happy for you to read along, enjoy, learn something, laugh, be entertained, tear up, pray, rejoice, or simply follow along from whatever part of the world you may be reading this.

Also, we’ve switched from a Google hosted blog at Blogger to our own installation of WordPress on our own web server. It will give us more control over the look and feel of the blog and we and our web host will own the content, not Google.

So, thanks for stopping by and know this: the blog is back!

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