Mint QuickView

For you users out there who use Macs, Intuit has brought yet another free tool to make following your finances even easier. It’s called QuickView, it lives in your menu bar, and it shows you nearly everything you could want to see on the Mint website in a nice simplified overview. QuickView is a tiny program and uses almost no system resources when in the background so I set it to run when I login. A really snazzy feature is that transactions show up as little notices and you may categorize them right from the menu — no more logging into the site to fix errant category descriptions. So basically, right from your menu bar, you can get your complete financial overview, see trends and graphs, sort transactions, and follow your budget. It’s even got a password lock option for the super private folks.

My sister and her husband got us onto Mint, and we’ve loved it ever since. Combined with the principles that Dave Ramsey teaches about always staying on top of your finances and being gazelle-intense about watching every penny to get rid of debt, Mint’s QuickView is a great addition in the arsenal of weapons to control your money. We’ve paid off over $60,000 in debt simply by following Dave’s common sense advice and using Mint to track where it all really goes. If you are in the same boat or want to get there, I would start reading Dave Ramsey here, sign up for for free here, and check out QuickView by clicking the Mint leaves above. Good luck, and happy saving!

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