Kiley in the tub

Kiley got her first bath in the baby tub today. Up until this point, she has only been getting sponge baths because we couldn’t submerge her belly-button until it was fully healed. She had a special rubber ducky that told us if the water was too hot, and mom bathed her while dad took lots of video and photos.

She surprised us and tolerated the water wonderfully, and actually smiled a bit while Laura poured water on her head. So far, she likes her bath and being in the water, but once she got out and dried off with a towel, out came the screams with the force of pent-up energy. Oh well, the bath was fun! You can click her picture for more photos of the bath time.

Seeing her all wet in the sink reminded me of another baby we have that gets bathed in the sink . . .

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