Kiley at six months

Happy Sixth MonthKiley’s six month update has a lot to do with her mouth, what goes in it, and what it produces. Since November sixth, she has started making more pronounced sounds like “nah, nah, nah, nine, nine, nine” (I think she might be German) instead of just cooing and “ahhs.” She will look at our mouths as we talk to her, as if to figure out what we are doing and how to say something herself.

Continuing with her mouth, we had Thanksgiving a little early this year because I had to go to work. She got her first taste of baby food: turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes, and applesauce for dessert. She gagged on all of it, so we had to give her a bottle afterward. On the real Thanksgiving day, she got prunes and loved them! The following day she got more and was excited when she saw them in the container and opened her mouth wide to accept them. With the baby food came the first massive BM that ended with her getting cut out of her onesie. Gone are the milk only poopies!

When she is in her car seat, she talks to us, and if we don’t stop our own conversation, she gets louder and louder as if to say, “Hey, I’ve got something to say and I want you two to listen!” She has also noticed the warning stickers in the seat and rubs and scratches them like she wants to get rid of them. Driving along, we can hear the scratching of finger nails on vinyl warning labels. She is a happy baby and loves riding along in her carseat.

Kiley flew for the first time in first class this month on a trip to Texas. Daddy was so sweet and bought mommy a first class ticket since she was traveling alone with the baby and Gus. Kiley sat in mommy’s lap the whole flight and was great. The businessman across the aisle napped the entire flight and said Kiley was so good that she “earned her wings.” Daddy met them at the gate at DFW airport and they were so excited to see him.

She is still sleeping well through the night. She will go down about 9:00 pm, get a bottle around 11 pm, and then sleep until 7-9 am! Laura is really excited by this news for sure. She is also using the ‘pacify-her’ less and less, and usually just for sleep. She was given a clean bill of health at the pediatrician’s visit and moved up to size one diapers for the first time. I was really ecstatic about this because they are actually cheaper than the newborn size. It just seemed to click one day, but she can sit up on her own for a short time, before she throws herself backwards again. We have to keep the pillows ready behind her because of the violent “I’m tired, I shall fling myself back now” move.

I’ll end with a funny story about her aversion to loud noises. We were at a gender reveal party for a couple having twins. There were about 40 people in the room and the couple was cutting a cake to see if the inside was pink or blue. Half the cake under the icing was pink and the husband was about to cut the other half of the cake to see if he was going to have two girls or a boy and girl. The room was silent as he sliced and then he belted out: “Its blue, it’s a boy!” and the crowd cheered. After the cheer was over, Kiley started crying because she didn’t like the noise, and everyone laughed because the room went from jubilee to a loan person crying! It’s a good thing we didn’t take her to the Cowboy’s game or she’d really have a reason to cry!

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