Budget Setup

Budgeting Guide
This budgeting guide linked above, showed up in my inbox today from Dave Ramsey. It’s a fast, easy, and simple read on how to get started on a budget for you or your family. Most everyone knows that simply starting a budget is the probably the hardest part, and sticking to it comes in a close second. If you don’t have a budget, or you simply don’t know where every dollar you spend is going, I encourage you to spend 10 minutes and look over this booklet.

One suggestion that I will make that the booklet does not is incorporating Mint.com into your budget. Once you have a budget setup, it takes time and some math to roll over balances each month into their new categories, and all your expenditures need to be entered into the budget. While doing this manually can help teach discipline, I think it can often lead to failed budgeting. Enter Mint.com where your math and transactions are electronically followed and done for you. Easy! Give it a try, the booklet and Mint are both free.

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