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Kiley is nine months old

Time for a Bison Burger?

Kiley started out her ninth month sick, along with her mommy, while daddy was out of town flying. Luckily, she started to feel better before Laura did and was able to entertain herself and play on her own while Laura recovered. She spent a lot of time in her excer-saucer spinning around on her own and pulling on toys to change her position to see new things in the room. She is also loving her cardboard books and enjoys turning the pages.

Kiley loves to sleep on her side and this month rolled over to sleep on her stomach for the first time. Also, when she’s a hot mess, we’ve found that she will calm down to polka music and fall asleep! Depending on the music, she will also be-bop and shake her head like Stevie Wonder.
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Kiley is eight months

Eight MonthsKiley is eight months old today. The update for this past month includes her getting sick for the first time and standing up while holding onto something. We drove back from Texas for Christmas and she did really well but had a few more crying episodes than when we drove down. Part of the reason for this was that we left earlier in the day so she was awake longer. Once home, we decided to try the crib again, now that we had her on stronger reflux medicine and better (the best) formula. It took three tough nights and three so-so nights, but now she sleeps in her crib all night. It’s tough to hear your baby screaming, but in the end, it’s for the best.

She is old enough now to lie in her crib and entertain herself and put herself back to sleep after waking up and playing with her toys for a while. She loves to suck on our hoodie strings and zippers. She also plays well in her exersaucer and is now tall enough to have her feet touch the bottom and stand in it. She can also twist the saucer at the waist to rotate around to see us and play with the different toys on it.
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Kiley is seven months

Cutie by the treeDuring her seventh month, Kiley remained a happy little baby for us and smiled a lot at everyone. She is still having acid reflux problems and we’ve had to increase her dosage twice to keep up with the decreasing strength as she gains weight. She is eating well though and she ate cereal for the first time. She liked it but wanted no more once we started her on baby food like sweet potatoes, pears, green beans and the ever favorite bananas. Like her daddy, she doesn’t like peas at all.

Laura took her along on a lot of Christmas shopping runs and many people had lots of compliments. It was even hard to keep on schedule because so many people wanted to stop and say how cute she looked! One lady asked her shopping partner as they past, “Did you see that baby? Now THAT was a cute baby!” Wow, I love to hear these compliments because I know I’m pretty biased as to how cute she looks.
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Kiley at six months

Happy Sixth MonthKiley’s six month update has a lot to do with her mouth, what goes in it, and what it produces. Since November sixth, she has started making more pronounced sounds like “nah, nah, nah, nine, nine, nine” (I think she might be German) instead of just cooing and “ahhs.” She will look at our mouths as we talk to her, as if to figure out what we are doing and how to say something herself.

Continuing with her mouth, we had Thanksgiving a little early this year because I had to go to work. She got her first taste of baby food: turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes, and applesauce for dessert. She gagged on all of it, so we had to give her a bottle afterward. On the real Thanksgiving day, she got prunes and loved them! The following day she got more and was excited when she saw them in the container and opened her mouth wide to accept them. With the baby food came the first massive BM that ended with her getting cut out of her onesie. Gone are the milk only poopies!
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Kiley at five months

Strawberry GirlOn November sixth, Kiley turned five months old, so we wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on since the first week of October.

So far, she is still tiny, but is growing and the pediatrician says that she acts older than her age suggests. She loves to flash huge smiles at strangers and laughed out loud for the first time. I was traveling to Los Angeles when I received a text from Laura with the audio of the laughing — it brought tears to my eyes in the Denver Airport!

She is starting to babble and talk a lot, notice Gus being around her and loves to hold our finger when sitting in our lap. We started her on formula this month, taking one ounce, then two a few hours later. By the next day, she was holding her bottle and getting excited when she saw it enter the room. At the same time we added the bottle, we were able to get rid of the gas drops finally. We use Dr. Brown’s bottles to cut down on gas and burping, and they’ve done a great job.

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A few days ago, we visited a pumpkin patch to get some pictures of Kiley with the autumn pumpkins. While there taking photos, we bought a pumpkin to put her in it, just for fun. Today, we carved that pumpkin out, plopped her in it, stood back with a camera, and waited to see what would happen. Unfortunately, the skies were gray and so was Kiley’s mood. She wasn’t too happy and the smiling pictures were few and far between. We’ll try it again, and if we get any winners we’ll add them to the photo gallery linked above.