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House for sale

BackyardBecause we are moving to Texas soon, we put our house up for sale. We listed with a Realtor, but I wanted our listing to have a little more razzle dazzle. If you have listed your house for sale with a realtor in the last decade, you will know that agent’s websites are usually lacking in a lot of areas. Obviously we wanted our listing to stand out, so I created a WordPress website at We then ordered a few custom signs from and placed one in our yard next to the realtor’s sign, and a few around town.

Info tubes are so 90s, so when people drive by our house and want more information, they just see our sign and visit the site on their mobile device or when they get back home. Plus, how many people today put together a quick website that shows photos, local information, and has the personal touch from the owners? The answer is very few, and when sellers need an edge, a website is one cheap and easy way to go.
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Baby Cam

This past winter, the geek in me set up a couple ip cameras around the house so that when Laura and I were out, we could check in on what Gus was up to. I added another one so I could see the baby’s crib while in Hong Kong, and added a third in the living room for security.

They are neat, cheap little ip cameras from Foscam and when set up, I can view and hear live video on my computer or iPhone from anywhere in the world, in real time. They even come with motion sensors to take pictures of a burglar.
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Dedicated IP

Severe geek-note here: now has a dedicated ip address. Our site can now also be viewed by typing in

Why? Well, Bluehost offered it so cheaply that I couldn’t resist. I mess with the site enough that if it goes down because I’ve messed something up, I can still access it via its IP address. Also, if a nefarious website on our shared web host gets banned, it might prevent our site from being banned along with all the sites on the server. Maybe.

The Blog is Back

After a pause that lasted far too long, the blog is back! I don’t know exactly what precipitated my lapse. It could have been laziness or being too busy with other things, but for whatever reason, I’ve let the blog take a back seat to other priorities. Sorry about that! Ultimately, I want to write this online journal, this web log, our blog, for ourselves to be able to look back and remember the stories of our lives. Even though most of this is all about us, we are happy for you to read along, enjoy, learn something, laugh, be entertained, tear up, pray, rejoice, or simply follow along from whatever part of the world you may be reading this.

Also, we’ve switched from a Google hosted blog at Blogger to our own installation of WordPress on our own web server. It will give us more control over the look and feel of the blog and we and our web host will own the content, not Google.

So, thanks for stopping by and know this: the blog is back!

A new sheriff in town

Apple just unveiled their latest phone: iPhone 4.

The best features, in my opinion, are the forward facing camera for video chats, two microphones to help cancel out unwanted background noise, and the new high resolution screen. Check out all the amazing features of the new Standard for phones here, or click on the iPhone above. Laura and I may just have to spring for this puppy because it looks awesome. The phone I currently have doesn’t even have a camera, and I’ve always had the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to mobile phones. I think it’s time I step up. You should too.

Available June 24th (my anniversary) and pre-orders are taken starting June 15th. Enjoy!