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New photos uploaded

It’s almost June 2010 and I’m finally getting around to uploading this year’s photos to the Galleries¬†section of our website. As of now, you can click on 2010 and see about seven of the latest albums we’ve posted, or just click on the picture above.

iWeb makes making websites fairly easy, but it has become quite a hassle. We don’t have a large website, per se, but for what Apple intended with iWeb, we are quickly outgrowing the capabilities of that program with our website. If you have a small website and are using iWeb, poke around on our site a bit, and if you think you’ll have more content than we currently do, you may want to look elsewhere for web design options. For me, I think the amount of photos is causing it to stumble a little bit. I get the spinning pinwheel of death for 15 minutes or so every time I publish so I’m going to have to move on from iWeb in the future.

I’m a little intimidated, but I think I’m going to give Dreamweaver a shot. It can certainly make more complex websites than I could ever weave together in my dreams, but that makes it a much more difficult program to work with than iWeb. I’m not an “html” stud like my brother-in-law who can write the code without the help of a wysiwyg editor so something like Dreamweaver will have to do.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Earth View in Google Maps

I continue to be amazing by Google, and I love it. The newest feature in Google Maps ( is their Earth View. The next time you go to Google Maps, click on the Earth View button to download a plugin for your browser and scan the world in 3-D. There is a nice YouTube video from Google on the Earth View page that shows great examples of what you can see, like the old city of Florence, Niagra Falls, and the like. Above is a screen shot I took while looking at dowtown Dallas. You can even see things like the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium. Click on the picture above to go to Google Maps, and have fun discovering your world!

iPad 3G is here

Do you have yours yet? Click on the picture of the iPad to go to the Apple store to check out pricing and options.

The two models are the Wifi model, and the Wifi + 3G model. The 3G model uses iPhone mobile technology to access the internet anywhere there is AT&T; service, whereas the Wifi only model needs a wifi network to access the internet. The 3G model also comes with a built in GPS for added functionality with apps and helping you find where you are and where you are going.
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Keeping files safe on the Mac

Do you have files on your Mac that you want to keep safe from prying eyes, or from someone who steals your laptop? I keep a spreadsheet file with all my online passwords written in it, and I don’t want that file accessed by someone who steals my laptop, or looks at my computer without my knowledge. There are two ways to keep files safe on your Mac: a simple way, and more secure but complicated way.

The safer but more of a hassle solution is to use the built in application called FileVault, that can encrypt your entire Home folder. It is serious encryption so if you forget your password, you’re files are gone forever. It can be turned on in System Preferences. Sometimes though, this extra secure method can cause problems with other computer applications needing access to files inside your home folder, or if you share files in your home folder with other computers on your network. Maybe you are like me and don’t want the entire home folder protected, just a few files. If so, there is an easier way to keep files safe on the Mac.
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Apple vs. Adobe’s Flash

If you’re not a geek, you probably won’t know much about this, but a battle rages between Apple and Adobe, once partners, now pitted against one another in a fight for the future. A lot of the hokey stuff you see on the internet, with things popping up, dancing around, and menus opening when you hover your mouse over a link, is all Flash, an Adobe creation. With moderation, Flash can look good, but it usually gets to be annoying when it’s used too much (you just want to get to the info, and not watch a bunch of stuff fly all over the screen).

The alternative is HTML5. It runs things from within your internet browser without the need of an Adobe plugin for Flash. Especially because Apple has lots of mobile devices that work with fingers instead of using a mouse, they are moving forward with HTML5, not Flash, which tends to work better when using a mouse. Adobe wants in on all the Apple goodness and has criticized Apple for not allowing Flash to run on their mobile devices. Apple’s Steve Jobs just fired back, and boy was it a resounding WHACK. Adobe needs to enter the future and join Apple, not pester Apple about using dated software.

Read the whole smack down by Steve Jobs here.
If that link gets removed, read the smack down here.

Fraud in a jobless world

With so many people out of work or looking for work, there are frauds, scams, and promises of wonderful jobs running rampant. A great website I’ve come across is one that Bob Bear runs as a non-profit site. His website is here. I know someone who was actively scammed recently in a job offer from a fraud artist. If you are in the hunt for a new job but can’t find out much info on the new position or company, or the offer seems unbelievably amazing, check out Bob’s site first — you’ll be glad you did.

Good luck out there, and be safe!